Local workers harvest ice from icebergs in Disko Bay as they have for centuries, as it melts into the ocean. The ice is then taken by boat to our building on the shores of the ice fjord, where it is placed in small vats and allowed to melt naturally. Ice collection is dependent upon weather and other natural elements, making production very limited. To insure the unique quality of the water, elegant glass bottles and stoppers are sterilized by autoclave and individually filled and sealed, on demand, for each customer. Iluliaq is the most ecologically friendly water product available anywhere. Our facility was carefully designed to protect both the purity of the water and the environment, and we use only equipment that is approved and certified by the Food and Beverage Authorities, as well as the Medical and Pharmaceutical Authorities. Iluliaq Original Iceberg Water is the only iceberg water produced in Greenland, and is licensed by the Government of Greenland according to the Ice and Water Exportation Act of 2001.


As a distinct net import country (source: stat.gl), Greenland imports more goods than it exports, usually via water. Iluliaq avoids unnecessary carbon emissions by taking advantage of free capacity on ships returning to the mainland.